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Gerber Go Bag

Now available exclusively at Midway

The Gerber GO Bag combines the clever design of a Maxpedition® satchel bag with MOLLE mounted, battle-proven Gerber gear - An Unstoppable collection of tactical gear to keep you ready for whatever is thrown your way.

Ergonomic and just the right size, the Maxpedition Mongo pack keeps everything close at hand and easy to access on the move. The Gerber MP600-ST can solve just about any problem, including last minute adjustments to your AR-15 front sight post. Keep your weapon up and gear clean with pioneering new Frog Lube® plant-based CLP. The robust EZ-Out DPSF, Gerber’s light-carry American-made folder, cuts through obstacles and the Recon task light makes light of a bad night with multiple-color outputs and long run life.

Frog Lube

Designed as the foundation of your bug out bag, fill the Gerber GO Bag with your own custom kit of necessities. It’s a natural at the range, priceless stowed in the trunk as an emergency pack, or stay nimble at all times using it as your everyday carry bag. Be Unstoppable with the Gerber GO Bag.

Item # 30-000830 Warranty


The Gerber GO Bag includes:

  • Maxpedition Mongo Versipack in Black, Gerber embroidered
  • MP600-ST (Sight Tool), MOLLE mounted
  • EZ-Out DPSF - S30V Black
  • Recon Task Light
  • Frog Lube CLP - 4oz liquid bottle
  • Metal Water Bottle
  • rite-in-the-rain note pad
  • Pocket Reference Guide
4 Engineer Ronnie Williams - APR 2, 2014

I had my eye one this kit and finally pulled the trigger. Great kit in the field and easy carry. Toss me tablet in with its ruggedized case and can respond quickly and have everything I need close at hand while dispatched. the VersaPack is more versatile than anything I have carried in the field. Shame this SKU is off Gerber. I know my team wants to grab some and would also like to see a continuation. perhaps there will be one in the future, until then they can admire mine with green eyes or try and find this kit elsewhere.

5 Firefighter Daniel Cowden - OCT 29, 2013

I got mine for Christmas last year. Wow! What a great ensemble that Gerber and Maxpedition has assembled. Well worth it. I keep mine loaded and in my truck. Outstanding quality. I would expect nothing less from either manufacturers. To put it simply get one!



5 Your Title axador - MAY 8, 2013

i use this bag for everyday use this bag rocks its worth every penny im goinig to use this bag till i drop lol

4 Great stuff Marin - MAR 27, 2013

Got it for Christmas. Even if critics will say that you can get better stuff if you buy everything individually, this is a great turn-key solution. Very good blade and a great quality bag. I own several Leatherman products and have to say that the multi-tool is slightly below them, but these are still amazing tools. I may not be military or hardcore outdoor guy but this suits my needs perfectly. So if you're looking for a turnkey solution for you're casual camping, travel and sailing expeditions...go for it ! (and I solemnly swear I am not working for these guys :) ). Only very bad experience : Shipping. PLEASE Gerber, you got great products, don't use such a bad company to ship to Canada! Thanks !

5 Your Title Mike Michelsen - MAR 9, 2013

In 1968, my father went to Southeast Asia as part of the 609th Special Operations Squadron, which was responsible for nighttime interdiction missions against the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Before he left, he was told to purchase a survival knife, which he did, a Gerber tactical knife. He carried that with him for nearly three years. The sheath even has a beautiful brown tone to it due to all the sweat that covered that knife. My dad often told me that his Gerber knife was the most reliable thing in that airplane with him, besides his pilot. He trusted Gerber products from that day until the day he died.

My dad is gone now, but I still have that knife and sheath. They're in as good a condition as the day they were purchased.

Thanks for helping to keep my dad alive.

Mike Michelsen

5 Snowstorm inbound Ben - MAR 5, 2013

Just ordered my new Gerber Go Bag! Supposed to arrive on Thursday, until then I'll have to rely on Bear Grylls Ultimate to do the trick. Snow storm, bring it on!

5 Your Title tyler bourgeouis - MAR 4, 2013

yupp i have alot of gerber stuff and this bag will add to my collection...once i save money up again but i know its worth the money because of my previous purchases

5 Hi Wesley - FEB 24, 2013

Hello. I loooove Gerber.Listen and buy this.

5 Your Title Michele - FEB 18, 2013

I love Gerber products...have several knives and multitools. I also have a Maxpedition Kodiak but would love this smaller pack. Gerber and Maxpedition....two great things that go great together!

5 Aviation CC Kevin - JAN 31, 2013

Maxpedition is awesome. I've had a Sitka for over 4 years and that thing is badass. It's held up for two deployments to Afghanistan and can still carry my text books.

5 Awesome product!!! Yeakenny88 - JAN 31, 2013

Just received this in the mail yesterday. Sure it was pricey but I owed myself a gift. Two great names fuzed together in one great bundle of happiness. I would recommend it and have so far and only had it for a day.

4 Great Deal FT - DEC 18, 2012

Many have been critical of the price. Add up all of the gear separately and compare it to the price listed. It's actually a great deal. Maxpedition makes great packs. Tough as nails. Pricey, but you get what you pay for. Trust me.

5 disabled hunter tim - DEC 6, 2012

this is perfect i could take more gear & have every thing together when & were i need it

4 american christian! tom - DEC 6, 2012

i am sure it is a quality bag, all of Gerbers items are well made,durable and very useful. a little overpriced in my humble opinion. would be a great G.O.O.D. bag that you could depend on though.

4 Your Title Chris - DEC 6, 2012

I really like this and glad Gerber is doing this. But I think its to expensive. I would go with a 5.11 version cheaper and still great quality. And for as ZEEK goes its not a fanny pack its a sling bag. I really hope to see more products like these but just not as expensive.

5 Army-desert rat-90-91 Wes - DEC 6, 2012

Not a tactical back in my opinion...a great range or work site bag....a bit pricey...but that why I entered to win it....

3 Everyday Joe Hagan - DEC 6, 2012

This is a very good idea but way too expensive. The multi tool is pricey. I have put together basically the same pack but a third the cost. I love your products but please work on the price.

3 Not economical for the average consumer kirk fredericks - DEC 6, 2012

this bag would compliment tons of different people, from the average student, lone hunters to the special forces overseas, unfortunately only about half can afford it. there should be a stripped down basic model for the average consumer that would be lower in price (60-150$) whiles still keeping the bags original purpose and design.

5 Mr Xenobis - DEC 6, 2012

You get what you pay for and in this case a little more. I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of this gear for hospital staff all over California and its also the one item most requested when a person leaves " can I keep the bag please!!" Maxpedition is expensive but the quality is exceptional and instantly recognizable and the customer service is top notch. I have sent several Falcon bags overseas to monks in Japan and a friends in the service. the proof is when the rubber hits the road. the three bags we sent to japan are still in service , no rips or spills, no mold, they dry out great and still look good and lost clips have always been replaced post hast with no problem. the only thing I am still waiting for is a versi pack that will accommodate my Chihuahua.

5 snafubar_USMC Monty - NOV 27, 2012

a welcome addition to my BOB. But uhm I don't see the gerber multitool listed.

2 Your Title Zeek - NOV 26, 2012

I like the idea, the bag is cool and all but I have to agree with most of the reviewers on this one. To expencive and could put on together for less. 511 makes a similer bag for half the price and instead of a folider I would like to see a fixed blade, and what kind of man whears a fanny pack as a survival pack. I love you products and I like the fact that every thing is made in the U.S.A but Gerber you could drop the price a little on this one.

5 Head maintenance coordinator Dean Bareham - NOV 26, 2012

I don't have one of these but REALLY want one! This looks perfect for a small tool bag, EDC bag, range bag... It looks really well designed, as are all Maxpedition bags! The included tools would be useful for many everyday jobs. I would love one of these for my 'go to' bag at work.

5 Crafter Mickey_NDY - NOV 26, 2012

That is one macho bag I'd love to own! I'd be filling it up with all my EDC items along with my Gerber multi-tool!

5 Your Title Raspp - NOV 26, 2012

Van winkle

You can get it at this is a great bag full of great Gerber tools.

1 WoodsWalker Murray - NOV 25, 2012

No S-'Type for us left handed peeps? Always discriminating products toward right handed people.

3 HAZ4 EJD - NOV 24, 2012

Should of gone with Hazard 4...

5 reviewer nice bag - NOV 24, 2012

this is probably my 8 review on this and as most gerber products this bag is awsome. It has a nice water bottle a nice nife and a very helpful refrence guide with it along with all the othere stuff you see above its a bit picey but worth it for the bag alone i would get it if i were you never know when you might need a good camping bag

4 Young Survivalist Aaron - NOV 24, 2012

It looks like it would be a good addition to any firearms enthusiast but the only real thing I can see that needs to be high quality is the frog lube. Every thing else could be replaced with cheaper and close to as effective stuff. It's also almost $120 more expensive than the bag its self. If I were to make a purchase, I would by the bag and frog lube then customize it with my own gear and sight adjuster.

3 Bag Only Armando - NOV 24, 2012

@Van Winkle

For the bag only, just go here:

1 . DC - NOV 23, 2012

WAY over priced. I can get the same thing without the Gerber logo and load it out with what I already have for less than $40.

2 So Little For So Much Bill Kelso - NOV 23, 2012

Lots of cheap gear, lots of money.. you be the judge. Build your own kit for way less and make it way better.

5 WPD Larry - NOV 23, 2012

sold.... merry christmas to me

1 Wilderness Survival Instructor Jim Hills - NOV 23, 2012

I'm pretty sure every mall ninja in America is drooling over this. However, for almost three-hundred bucks, I could equip an entire squat with what they would need in a REAL situation much better than this. Couch Commandos: break out your wallets. For the real practitioners, this is a joke. Gerber--what kind of bone-headed morons are putting this stuff together for you? Send 'em my way with this pack. I'll take 'em out for a week in my neck of the woods carrying nothing but my clothes and MY pack (1 pound, 8 oz. fanny) and I promise they will not only get educated, but they'll cry like little girls before it's over.

3 VAN WINKLE RIP - NOV 23, 2012

Would like to be able to purchase the bag only!!!!

2 bags dustin coryell - NOV 23, 2012

in my opinion you said you wanted it to be ergonomic and so i thought why use such a large bag and not the jumbo or fatboy. because i have the jumbo and its amazing also not to big. but i thing the mongo is to huge. finally i think the best bag to use should be any of the fatboy variants. also you should have it in the s-type and L.E.O version plus the E.D.C version.

3 Survalist / Outdoorsman Justin Yates - NOV 23, 2012

Although I would love to have this your products are top notch, however I cannot justify spending that much money. When I can get similar items separately for much much cheaper. The same goes for many of your items. It may appeal to the rich weekend prepper, but it won't appeal to the people who would make the most and best use of it.

5 Average Citizen Brian - NOV 23, 2012

This is one of the most awesome offerings I have ever seen. Gerber + Maxpedition + Froglub = Almost better than Sunday Night Football (chill out -- I said ALMOST!) If you've never used Maxpedition, you should, and if you own any type of firearm, you really ought to use Froglube (it has made operation and cleaning of my Sig Sauer's a breeze).

This is a no-brainer -- get it!

5 Enthusiast Scott - NOV 22, 2012

Looks amazing! How much?

5 cleaner kerry - NOV 20, 2012

i hope this will not br for military persons only, id love to keep this around just to hold my knifes and other stuff so i know where they are and safe :) cant wait

4 Deputy Director ESDA Earl Herman - NOV 19, 2012

Looks amazing!! Can't wait for more information. As it stands, I would highly recomend it!!

3 Customer Ed - NOV 18, 2012

Which "Pocket Ref" version is included? What types of info does it contain (i.e. Survival, PC, measurements)
I own several versions already. Much of the info was outdated when I purchased them...

4 Mr. zkoolman - NOV 17, 2012

Looks good !!

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