Samsung ATIV S goes on sale at the top three Canadian carriers

Samsung's ATIV S has only just started trickling out into the marketplace, but Canadians will be happy to know they're some of the first to get their feet wet: Bell, Rogers and Telus have all made the Windows Phone 8 headliner available from today. We're seeing a wild variety in pricing that doesn't often happen with smartphones, however. Bell is offering the phone for $100 on a lengthy 3-year contract, but the amount drops to a momentary $80 at Rogers and just $30 at Telus' discounted price. Landing the ATIV S off-contract either costs $600 (at Bell and Rogers) or $650 on Telus. Locals shouldn't count on a walk-in purchase when there's talk at MobileSyrup of tight supply; they'll likely still be glad when they at least have the chance a week or more before their British counterparts.