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  • Selk'bag Original Directorie Blue Carry Bag
  • Selk'bag Original Directorie Blue
Selk'bag Original Directorie Blue
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Selk'bag Original Directorie Blue
  • Selk'bag Original Directorie Blue Carry Bag
  • Selk'bag Original Directorie Blue

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Selk'bag Original, Directorie Blue, Medium

Now in its 4th Generation, the Selk'bag Original has evolved into the best fitting, more technically advanced Selk’bag made to date. New features (see below) allow the wearer to have a more tailored experience with their Selk’bag for easier and more confident movement. Rated to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the uncommonly comfortable Selk'bag Original is an excellent solution for those who are uncomfortable in traditional mummy or rectangular sleeping bags. Perfect for a variety of adventures, the Selk'bag is used by outdoor enthusiasts the world over for camping in a tent, under the stars, at the lake, at the beach or even in the cabin. Use the Selk'bag Original indoors during the winter for immaculate comfort, or even in your RV, camper, SUV, or dorm room. See a full list of features, technical specifications and a list of retailers below.

Price: $159.00
How to Buy
The all-new Selk’bag Original is part of the 4th generation family of the Selk’bag Sleepwear System. The Selk’bag Original model is an excellent choice for spring, summer and fall fun outdoors and winter fun indoors.

Check out these features:
• A new and improved quick-release hand closure system allows for quick entry and exit of the hands
• New Velcro straps around the waist provide a comfortable fit and prevent slippage of the bag
• New Velcro straps around the ankles help to prevent tripping
• New Velcro straps on the sleeves allow you to keep your hands free to do stuff
• Larger nylon reinforcement areas than on 3G on the soles prevents wear; lateral grips give traction on multiple surfaces
• New tapered knees allow for better bending
• Baffled construction helps to eliminate cold spots
• A soft polyester shell with ripstop with a water resistant finish (DWR)
• Double front entry-zippers and a right hip zipper make for quick entry while granting access to pants pockets
• An insulated hood for added warmth
• A convenient carry sack for compact portability
• Thermal collar around the head and neck to prevent drafts
• Exaggerated draft tubes to stop heat loss around zippers
• Wide zipper tape prevents snags
Specifications are below, or downoad our technical data sheet here.
  • Shell: Nylon Rip-Stop, Water Resistant Finish
  • Insulation: Polyester
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Temp Rating (Europe): Comfort 44°F; Limit 35°F; Extreme 9°F (EN13537)
  • Temp Rating (US): 35°F
  • Sizing: Please see "Select Your Size" link above
  • Product Measurements: 72” w x 73” h (M); 79” w x 79” h (L); 84”w x 86” h (XL)
  • Carry Size: 15” x 9” (M); 15” x10” (L); 16” x 10” (XL)
  • Carry Weight: 4.0 lbs (M); 4.3lbs (L); 4.7lbs (XL)
  • Retail Price: $159
Shop our online store or visit one of our fine retailers here.
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