LG Shows Off 'World's Smallest' Wireless Charger


BARCELONA — LG is definitely one of the most active companies at this year's Mobile World Congress, having already shown several new smartphones and announcing it has acquired webOS from HP. It seems LG doesn't plan to stop there, as it just announced the "world's smallest" wireless charging device.

The WCP-300 is a little black pad, just 6.9cm in diameter. It's compatible with a standard 5-pin micro-USB charger, and complies with the Qi standards of the Wireless Power Consortium.

As for the devices that support it, there are two available in the U.S. market: the LG Spectrum and the Nexus 4. The freshly showcased LG Optimus G Pro also supports this technology, but we don't know when it'll become available in the U.S.

Like all companies trying to push wireless charging tech to the market, LG hopes more and more upcoming smartphones will have built-in support for this tech. LG itself plans to introduce smartphones with "more advanced" wireless charging tech in the global market.

The WCP-300 will become available next week in South Korea for about $60; a global and U.S. rollout is pending.

LG has also demonstrated their wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology, which enables fast delivery of high-resolution multimedia content from smartphones to TVs.

wireless ultra HD transmission

By "Ultra HD" LG means 4K video content, and the entire technology works by using Wi-Fi, but LG would not go into specifics. LG also claims the tech uses "less than half" the power of other similar technologies, and it does that by reducing the strain on the CPU and other hardware resources.

Of course, 4K content is still hard to find, which means this tech is currently merely a reminder of how one day we could all enjoy the wonders of 4K video and stream it around our house to whatever device we like.

Images courtesy of LG

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