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Meals from scratch, even on your busiest days

The Jamie Oliver HomeCooker will give you an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. Easily create your homemade meals from scratch and have one thing less to focus on. It cuts, cooks and stirs for you, so you can enjoy other things you like.

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Product features

  • Unique combination for perfect end result

    The unique combination of automatic stirring, perfect temperature and the QuickSet timer gives you all you need for cooking meals from scratch, even on your busiest day.

  • AutoStir technology

    Gentle, constant stirring thanks to AutoStir technology not only ensures that your ingredients brown evenly - the flavor of your ingredients also gets released making your dishes tasty.

  • Always the exact temperature you need

    The appliance is perfect for a wide variety of dishes, from breakfast to dinner. You can melt, simmer, boil, steam and fry. So you can prepare delicious slow cooked dishes like stews, nice meat curries and your own fresh and healthy pasta sauce your children will love. Also homemade soup, fried potatoes or a perfectly cooked risotto and paella are easy to prepare. You can select the exact temperature thanks to the Perfect Temp technology (between 40-250 C), set the timer on the control panel and turn on the stirring attachment and the HomeCooker will do all the hard work for you.

  • Timer up to 99 minutes, with ready signal

    With the QuickSet timer you can set the exact time easily. The timer can count down and can count up in seconds, up to 99 minutes. When the time is done, the HomeCooker will give you several times a beep signal.

  • Pasta insert, steaming basket and tray for different recipes

    Together with the HomeCooker you will get the extra accessories; pasta insert, steaming basket and tray. These accessories will give you even more variety in your cooking so you can make a lot of different recipes.

  • Jamie Oliver recipebook full of variety and inspiration

    Jamie Oliver wrote delicious recipes especially for the HomeCooker recipebook, which is full of variety and inspiration. Try out these tasty and delicious recipes yourself! Find even more Jamie Oliver HomeCooker recipes online via

  • Automatic shut down

    When the time you set is done, the HomeCooker will automatically shut down. The temperature will go down and helps to prevent your food from burning and overcooking.

  • Cutting and slicing directly into the pan

    With the Cutting tower you can cut and slice directly in the pan. It comes with 5 different cutting blades that enable 2 sizes of slicing (thick and thin), 2 sizes of shredding (medium and coarse) and cutting julienne. Also can be used as a stand alone saladmaker.

  • 2 cutting and slicing speeds

    You can choose which speed you need for your cutting, depending on the dish or recipe you are making. For cutting julienne use speed 1 and for slicing and grating use speed 1 for soft ingredients like mushrooms and speed 2 for hard ingredients like carrots and salami.

  • Dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning

    To optimize the time spent in your kitchen, you can safely put the pan, lid, stirrer and steaming tier in your dishwasher.

  • 5 different discs that slice, shred and cut julienne

    The Cutting tower comes with 5 different cutting discs that enable 2 sizes of slicing (thick and thin), 2 sizes of shredding (medium and coarse) and cutting julienne.

  • XL feeding tube for all your ingredients

    The XL feeding tube (76 x 50 mm) allows you to use all kinds of ingredients, without cutting it in small pieces before putting it in the feeding tube.

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