Samsung SmartCam Pro Lets You Watch Your Home Remotely


Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras are nothing new, but Samsung Techwin's latest model — the SmartCam HD Pro — allows you to remotely keep tabs on your home or an area you want protected via a desktop, Android or iOS device.

The device, which hits stores in December and will be priced at $179, can be used in a variety of ways (think nanny cam to front door protection) and comes with a few new bells and whistles to make that monitoring easier.

The concept of monitoring a webcam via a mobile device and apps is not entirely new — Dropcam and Logitech are already leaders in this space — but it's a natural step for Samsung to add these capabilities to its SmartCam lineup.

New to the model is its larger 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor, which lets users see intricate details in dark lighting. It also comes with wide dynamic range (WDR), which cuts down on motion blur and produces clearer imagery, and Samsung Light Enhancer (SLE) technology to detect movement in the low light conditions. Essentially, the camera allows you to pick up on the smallest environment changes, but is smart enough to decipher between a falling leaf and more startling noises such as breaking glass. It also features a 128-degree ultra-wide lens.

When something seems amiss, the camera will send real-time alerts to your mobile device, so users can act fast if need be. It also records the footage both locally and remotely, so you can set up a way to view the video immediately or later (even to a private YouTube account).

Samsung promises streaming data will take only 30% of what other IP cameras for network bandwidth. This means video could be transferred even when there is limited connectivity.

Image: Mashable, Christina Ascani

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