Instagram's Hyperlapse App Turns Videos Into Time-Lapses in 2 Taps

Image: Mashable, Christina Ascani

Instagram launched an app called Hyperlapse on Tuesday that speeds up shaky videos and turns them into time-lapses.

Hyperlapse, which is now available for a free download in the Apple App Store, turns footage stored on your smartphone into time-lapse videos, without requiring pricey tracking rigs that can typically cost up to $15,000.

Time-lapse is a video technique that captures footage at a lower frame-rate than normal. For example, it takes much longer for a flower to bloom or the sun to rise in real time, but it's possible for videographers to speed up captured video to show the progress at a much faster rate.

"Traditionally, time-lapse videos depend on holding your phone or camera still while you film," the company wrote in an official blog post. "Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel — a feat that has previously only been possible with expensive equipment."

It's also a way to stabilize or smooth out footage and make it look more professional. One downside, however, is that users can't edit videos (six-second video app Vine, owned by Twitter, offers that option).

After downloading the Hyperlapse app, users can tap to record and tap again to stop. Then you can select the playback speed, making shots up to 12 times faster. Videos are then saved to the camera roll and can be shared to Instagram or Facebook from there.


Brands like Mercedes Benz are already experimenting with the Hyperlapse app, too.

The news comes just two weeks after Microsoft announced it developed software, also called Hyperlapse, that smooths out GoPro videos.

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