Today we’re unwrapping the best holiday gift we could’ve imagined: the first real build of our self-driving vehicle prototype.  

The vehicle we unveiled in May ( was an early mockup—it didn’t even have real headlights! Since then, we’ve been working on different prototypes-of-prototypes, each designed to test different systems of a self-driving car—for example, the typical “car” parts like steering and braking, as well as the “self-driving” parts like the computer and sensors. We’ve now put all those systems together in this fully functional vehicle—our first complete prototype for fully autonomous driving.

We’re going to be spending the holidays zipping around our test track, and we hope to see you on the streets of Northern California in the new year.  Our safety drivers will continue to oversee the vehicle for a while longer, using temporary manual controls as needed while we continue to test and learn.  Happy holidays!
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So awesome!  I hope to see you on the roads soon!
Please give some videos of the car zipping on the track. That would be the best holiday gift ever. ;-)
My 10yr old has been wanting a ride on this and has a bunch of qn.. Such as does it support voice control. Glad to know it will be out sure my son will be excited to hear...
Mark Senn
Low ground clearance.  I suggest they test it (1) on (all locations are in the United States) the streets of San Francisco, California (2) parking garages in West Lafayette, Indiana and New York, New York (3) speed bumps in Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and Wyoming with and without snow.
Ron Amadeo
Plain white?! Get that thing a Googly paint job!
Awesome! I can't wait to see one of these things on the road!
+Mark Senn it's called "prototype" for a reason. Once all the autonomous stuff has been figured out it can be applied relatively easy to any kind of chassis. 
My 5 yo is almost as interested and excited by this as I am. Please get then on the road soon!
It looks like a beetle. Cute !
Lovely car and in a city it will help a lot of young or old people if they can't drive for different reasons. Congratulations to Google :-)
Would this mean I can get trashed and not have to worry about DWI ! Awesome! 
I cannot wait to purchase one of my own!! Here's to 2017!!!
Congrats! Self driving cars cannot come soon enough. I would love to be a beta tester.
Take my money already! But have better availability than the Nexus 6 ;) 
Crazy that it looks more like the artist's rendering than the first prototype! Starting to look more like a real car!
Has it been hover-converted?  I mean, 2015 is just around the corner...  ;)
Cool but ugly ass car! It will only take one big old truck backing up on that front sensor and this car will stop working!
I would absolutely drive.. erm... own? a Google Koala.
If theyv're really autonomous will they work as robo-taxis? Will we require a driving license if they re self drivem? :)
This is awesome! Such a leap forward, can't wait to buy a couple of these types of car!!!
One small ride for man; one giant leap for mankind (and the automotive industry). Ultimately, one more thing that computers can do better than humans.
Great!! Unfortunately, we´ll only see one of those in Brazil by the year 3014! Our tranffic is a mess!!!
"OK Google", now design something I'd actually want to be seen in.
Google I for one would like to see a contest for disabled individuals who can't drive themselves to win one of these! Imagine the fundamental change to their lives by having access to transportation again when THEY want... not when a Healthcare or friend can drive them somewhere!
The regulation agency's are going to have a field day figuring this one out. May we all live long enough for that to happen.
This won't solve much problems. Why can't you guys at Google design and make a car, that when in traffic, can just lift off and fly over the heads of these humans trying to waste my time on the roads. There are so many of them and they keep trying to stay in front and not move along. I have many things to do, I'm a very busy person. So please, you Googly guys should consider my idea. Why haven't any of you even thought of it? A car that can lift off and take off over the heads of time waster humans on the road. Make it or I will send the idea to one of your rivals
I can't wait to see these in general availability. I will definitely have to wait for the family sized version though.
When the line between human and robotic decision making blurs, a code of ethics needs to share the spotlight.
I'd let this car drive me to work everyday... if it could get 75 miles round trip.
The driverless car will be the biggest change since the Internet. Not only will the #1 killer of Americans ages 4-34 go away, this will have major cost benefits for all of us.

Our #2 expense will go away. We won't need to own cars, we will have driverless taxis pick us up. Our #1 expense, housing, will be much cheaper as any house within 100 miles of a big city will be within the daily commute. We will have much more space to build houses as driveways, garages, parking lots won't be needed.

All goods will also be cheaper. Anything we buy can be delivered in half an hour. Try on five pairs of shoes and send four back in the driverless pod.
Why don't you offer them for safari tours in nature resorts similar to those cars in Jurassic Park ^_^
i dont want to drive myself, please implement these soon worldwide
How about a "beta" printed on the sides?
Google+ broke the YouTube commenting feature, and left it broken...and I am supposed to let them drive my car, or share a road with their technology?  No thanks.
When it comes time you guys should look at Gordon Murray's istream building systems rather than partner with an existing builder.
The only thing more fun than a Gordon Murray T25 would be a Gordon Murray T25 with Google Self Driving on board.
I'll be a test driver (rider) for free.  I am retired and drive less than 4000 miles a year.
I can't seem to place an order for this on Google Play, am I missing something? ;)
Very cool technology, can't wait for this to become mainstream 
I prefer to wait and see it working in real life situation for some time before the exitement. Let's see how it does in NYC, for example, or some foreign countries that I have visited. Congratulations to Google though. I'm very impressed. Merry Christmas to all...
Well, this design is an improvement on the dopey looking face the cars had before. Still looks very plastic and cheap though. Keep at it, Google.
That's incredible. to be amazing if they joined with tesla motor. to see the great g with the new t if it's the best fully electric and autonomous cars is the future
Nice technology, waiting to see how it performs in the worlds most crowded and chaotic cities (like New Delhi and Bangalore) :-) The car looks like it has been designed by a blind person though ... sorry.
+Rey Guerra Tesla has announced self-driving cars to come out in 2015. In addition, you'll be able to "summon" your car to pick you up on private property (to avoid lawsuits and legal fees). For example when it's raining at work, you don't need to go all the way over to your car; it'll come to you.
The good thing about its design is that it looks smiling
Keep up the great work - interested in seeing some specs when you're prepared to release them.  :-)
+Joseph Mendiola It's unlikely you're going to be able to purchase one. They'll be most likely available as a fleet service, so whenever you need to get somewhere, the next available one will wait in front of your door to pick you up. Once it dropped you off, it will zip off to get the next passenger.
Wondering if girls would find a guy more attractive in this car or a 67 Shelby Mustang?
I still do not understand why they have a front and back. If they are electric... And selfcontrolled... Couldn't they drive any direction?

Basically the moving vector determines the front ant back and having lights on both sides and maybe an led indicating the driving direction would totally suffice. Like the design but it is still very much oriented on our current car vehicle model which is disappointing.
Don´t do it. Let us keep enjoying the pleasure of driving. A car is not just a transportation method...
What about self-cleaning for the sensors? In California roads may be clean all around the year but imagine snowy New York or ever-dirty Moscow.
This car is extremely UGLY. Topcar's Clarkson will find this a hilareously design... I wouldn'nt want to drive this in a million years, not until it looks as futuristic as it is. This protoype looks more like an ugly duckling from a bad SF movie of the previous century, around the 1940's or so.
Yes! Keep going guys! I'm counting on you!
This will change NASCAR, wouldn't it? Just saying. 
Where"s the wind up key?Must be a one person vehicle.

Paint it red and call it a ladybug.Certainly a one person vehicle.
Pronto venderemos nuestros coches.

Por qué comprar un coche , un garaje, pagar seguros, reparaciones etc.?
Sólo alquila el coche desde un teléfono móvil, haz tu trayecto y olvidate de todo lo demás.

Temblad fabricantes de coches.
Why do the seats face forward? I understand the driver seat, but surely the passengers can seat facing sideways or backwards. How does it cope in the heat ~35C? What about heat haze, can it still map the road ahead? Can it determine the best racing line through a roundabout? Is there plans on lobbying road rule changes in Australia? Does it self park? Does it recognise speedlimit road signs or is it still using map markers? How good is it at kangaroo and pot-hole avoidance? How does it respond in high winds and buffetting by trucks?
Fully autonomous vehicles will be hugely disruptive to the taxi and courier industries, it will completely change the dynamics of the school run, there'll be communal sharing and it can drive itself to get serviced. The productivity improvents warrants significant further investment.
I am so looking forward to this.
I'd like to see something similar for industrial applications, such as driving forklifts where there is no issue with road laws.  Also driving trucks long distances would make it worth an absolute fortune.
Will be awesome when you can use Uber for this!
Will people need driving licences to use these?
how should we look at this. is it only about the self driving. what if it is hit by a non- self driving mustang or truck. Or is this not about that?
Μά ύπάρχουν ήδη λεωφορεία πού όδηγούν χωρίς όδηγό. Διάβασα ότι θά άρχίσουν στήν Έλλάδα νά,κυκλοφορούν πιλοτικά.
че умеет интересно
I am waiting to see #Google Self-driving Car on Australian roads
I'm waiting for it to be available on the Play store in Australia ;D
Stephen Hawking's new wheelchair.. much less sociable than he used to be.
it's going to be a success in Asia, i guess :)
as much as I want a self driving car... it's utterly ugly!!!
I was expecting to see a test video. Looks nice though :)
Now I'll have few more minutes to sleep while car drives me to my office :p
James P
Manhattan's Ground Zero is the World Transportation Center, epicenter of a new infrastructure for self-driving cars.
nice!!!! now can you put on the Play Store?
빨리 주행 동영상을 보고 싶습니다.
I'm very interested in knowing the MPG of the final product. If it's 300+ miles on a full tank I'll trade in my 2012 Chevy Sonic as long as I can get it in the same color blue as my Chevy Sonic.

Needs the following Tech:
USB Music Play back from a USB Flash drive, Bluetooth 4.1, Full integration of Android Auto with a 8.9" Screen, Qi Wireless Charger for Electronic device's such as Nexus 4, Nexus 5, & Nexus 6 as well as up to at least 2 Car AC Outlet's to support a USB Turbo Chargers 👍😀👍

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄⛄❄🎅
+Carter Central Lifestyle I wouldn't be surprised if they're working on it (flying cars), but this has to be a first step, and it will get us quite a long way.  With driverless cars, the cars can safely have a closer following distance, and more importantly, a closer side-to-side driving distance.  Imagine fitting 3 lanes of cars into 2 currently-sized driving lanes.  

When the crossover occurs -- with half the people owning these kinds of cars -- the left lanes of the freeway can be converted to "driverless only" much like FastTrack on the bridges.  More cars can fit into a smaller space, reducing the wait time due to traffic overall.

As for the looks, I suppose I don't care what it looks like as long as I don't have to be paying attention while I'm getting from point A to point B.

A great use for self driving cars is in the case of repeat drunk drivers.
First offense fines and short jail time.
Second offense mandatory purchase of self driving car and given special license that denotes only for operation of self driving cars.
And the award for ugliest car in history goes to Google. I would not be caught dead in one of these things. It looks like a pokemon on wheels. Where's the version for adults?
+Ricky Smith I think it is 100% electric. Your needs tech is easy obtainable through and aftermarket, but it will likely come with most of it.
Imagine...Google on a Subaru WRX chassis. LIDAR & AWD, now that's material design!
For people with epilepsy who don't drive this could be a game changer.  I haven't driven for decades and my wife, city bus, or feet take me everywhere.  Not everybody has a spouse, decent public transportation, or walkable community though.  Google should keep wheelchair accessibility in mind also.
Have you guys heard of #minddrive  and have you thought about working with kids to get their ideas or even possibly build another prototype with them?
+Damon Hurt this one looks like it was designed by children. Five year old little girls to be exact. 
Please bring it to Japan!
Our aging population needs it!
The future is now
Pure genius and a great sample of scientific and engineering collaboration
Nice to see Google really make moves away from search engine marketing and into product.  What an impressive attempt.
Wow, what a chick magnet car! I am waiting to see in how many perfume or beer comercials this car will be shown!
I can't wait for this car to hit the road
Thanks Google for the spotlight, congrats for putting it together and good luck for the testwork in 2015. 
Awesome. Although is making it look cool anywhere on the todo list? 
Ship one to Iowa, and I will gladly test it for you.
Why does a self-driving car using LIDAR need headlights?
I think there is too much lack of information to fully appreciate this, to be honest. Moreover, I was waiting for radical design directions, this looks too much like our regular cars. Plus I really don't like the flaPetite soiree mniecraft avant de partir pour les fêtes ? Plus I really don't like "flat" hood, beside poor aerodynamics, I thin that makes collisions with pedestrians and bicycles more dangerous. Go go google !
what is this , please may somebody explain please
I saw one of these cars when I was going back from school
Timmy M
Will it receive future Android updates? ^_^
A good for future 
I'll be your first customer at the day...
I didnt like the four things sticking to the ground... and the horn... ;)
I don't wanna be driven by this :/
Super interesting development, we can gain so much as a result of this innovation fantastic
I would like to be a beta tester.
Awesome...thanks google for the invention
Juno C
gimme dat or else.....
You under promised but you over delivered. Congrats Google on your seismic achievement. 
And Robots don't get sleepy or stop paying attention to the road in front of them to text, talk,  eat, read, etc.  
This much needed development will save many people's lifes.
My Fatima is not liking this car so do i ?
Dan L
This will be a game changer for the whole transportation industry, self-driving busses and trucks will soon follow ... 
Awesome news!! This could be an industry changer. :)
Ed Mash
Horse power to horse brain
It only goes 25 miles per hour, no game changer here unless they speed it up a bit. 
Great ! Innovation but its not comfortable as driver car
I cant wait for these to come to L.A. hopefully we are the next city. I am disabled and havent been able to drive for years this has led to me being basically a shut in.
I assume you just call a car on an app and it picks you up and takes you where you want to go? Will the price be cheaper than a taxi have you considered lower fares for disabled?
I have both a larger electric wheelchair and a smaller lighter take apart scooter will you have a version with an area for wheelchairs and scooters to fit with maybe a lower bed and a drop down lil ramp to get it in an out easily? Will the car know to wait to get things like a wheelchair into and out of it at stops?
I live 10 mins from Disneyland I used to go there just to get out of the house since I cant really go on any rides just to be outdoors and havent been able to get transportation to there for 3 yrs now.
L.A. is full of places to go that i used to go to but havent been able to for years.
Can I order 3 please, in different colours....
i can see the future, but this car is not ready i think?! I read that another manufacturer of secures cars is testing real autonomous car in a real City...we wait....
It is really cute! Like Matiz. Hope to see it on the road soon...
You literally built a search engine!
finally napping and commuting in your own car will be possible.  Many people would be sleeping on traffic.
i cant wait to see this become a production car... my mother needs this so she can stop relying on other people to drive her
My kids and I are excited to see one. Their question when can we buy one so we drive it around the world.
thats gonna look and be sooooooooooo motha freiking awesome
Something like this could give me back my independence.  Can't wait to see it in Canada.
Many people are looking forward to a greater degree of independence. I have a sterling driver license and would like such a vehicle anyway. But I can't imagine riding in such a small vehicle without paying attention to the traffic. Everyone that can't drive, we know, wants one.
Looks good, but so far off in the future before it becomes reality.
To those of you complaining that it's ugly. Grow up.
That's sooo cool! I bet apple's gonna make a copy and sell a terrible 2 seater car for a ridiculous price of like 1 mil.
Congratulations Google team! Am looking forward to seeing it made available commercially.
25% more accidents predited by me. When a human drives if somebody try to hit you, you honk and try to aviod accidents by rurning your stering either ways. Tech wont don that.
I'm praying i can use this in nyc before I'm too old to appreciate. Love you guys love your work. Take your time but hurry up
dieses Motel sieht nicht besonders gut aus, meine Firma Ritter Sport hatte in den 90er Jahren ein sehr schönes E-Auto Namen Hotzenblitz würde es gerne ein Foto zeigen,
The first viable version will probably hit the road as a Street View vehicle. Would be a good real world test of the vehicle.
I'm looking forward to seeing this on the streets of Mountain View. I almost already see the current self-driving Google car on a daily basis!
I would hope electric. Probably wouldn't be useful as a street view car then though.
I want make a suggestion. Plz make indicator visible to the side.
Is the car programmed to recognize flaggers?  That would seem to be especially difficult, with dust, and sometimes rubble strewn diversions. Also, how does it work in really adverse weather like snow, icy roads, heavy rain, or a thunderstorm with lots of interfering EMF, etc.  Finally, I wonder about car etiquette and whether the "inching into the 4 way stop" intentionality signal might be seen as "aggressive" by ragers. Any protocol for aborting a harassing follower?  Just some of the weirder problems of driving and "defensive driving" in particular.  I am thrilled at your progress and it will be an unbelievable boon to all those who are unable to drive themselves for whatever reason but want a vehicle of their own.  Maybe even for those who can drive but always wanted to be chauffeured!   Amazing technological application.
pour quand cette voiture au canada  (quebec)
I could use one of these to pick up my kid from daycare and doing errands around town, max 10-20 miles at a time! Love it. 
This car would make me so happy because  my neck is fused and I do not drive anymore.  Please make one appear soon in my stocking Santa Google :-)
only one thing i don't understand... if this car drives itself, why does it need those huge rear mirrors?
+Greg Wheeler... flaggers? the same way as traffic signals are recognized. Rubble recognition is not necessary, just paved road would be ok, the same way its not designed for off-road use, there are better models out there for that. Against a thunderstorm with interfering EMF you should expect the same behaviour of a car with ABS and GPS and 5 years old, that is, 0 problem. And when weather doesn't let it "see", through its sensors, time to drrive to one side and stop. Aborting a harrassing follower... keep calm, its usual to design for 95% of situations, designing for 98% is just too expensive and unworthy.
I wouldn't currently buy a self-driving car unless it still had a steering wheel in case I feel like driving (at least in the near future).  Let's say I was going to drive from Google's Mountain View home to Vancouver or Los Angeles.  I would let the car handle the lion's share of the motorway driving but I might feel more comfortable at this point driving the city streets, depending on how complicated the city is (e.g. if the city has an excessive number of bicycles sharing the road or many pedestrians crossing illegally).

I don't doubt the car's intelligence will be perfected at some point.  In the meantime, I'd rather navigate getting it in and out of a car ferry or a car park.  The motorway driving sounds like a great idea, though.  Hundreds of kilometers of that'll make you drowsy and can be boring as hell.  I'd love to take a long drive with that technology if it had Tesla-like range!
am waiting this type of car in my country Ghana i will buy like twenty as a gift to my family woooow
+Devender Singh Are you even serious, dude? Can you predict the trajectory of a moving vehicle with computer-like accuracy? Do you have 360 degree vision? Radar? When a human sees an accident they PANIC. Computers don't panic. Your own example is horrifying! Do you honk and turn your steering wheel to the other side? ARE YOU DAFT? How does honking help? What if there is a car on the opposite side as well? I'm just glad Google cars will save us from drivers like you!
Great idea ,by the time you perfect it maybe I can buy it!
Rick Z
Like one ASAP !!!
This is cool. Can't wait for the the flying vehicles like in the Jetson's!
+Giovanni Innella  Headlights, windshield wipers, rearview mirrors and other things are only there for the comfort of the passenger and other drivers.
I initially read about this car in the Forbes Magazine.  I was and am still intrigued.
Love the car, but it is in dire need to be Googlelised with paint with a microphone as a hood ornament.
I would love the see the control system engineer(s) who had worked for computing the huge informations from lots of sensors and doing a feedback control system.
Kudos to the people who where behind this development.

Where is the guarantee that my privacy will be fully protected?
I'm talking about Location Tracking and Location History.

Let's assume that a guy /gal proclaims that s/he's going to play a round of golf and then while playing the game s/he decides to play like Tiger Woodley:
Decides that 18-holes isn't enough and proceeds to play 19 or more holes; What's the guarantee that the first hole isn't going to discover that The Player has been playing more than enough holes?

Seriously, is Google prepared to take on predators like Kim Junk Unnnn...???

It is a beautiful car and was born out of a great idea But technology has exploits so technologists need to address some of these questions as we transform ideas into consumer products.

Congrats Google .... and, Cheers!
I think this car is cute. What's the projected cost of it? What kind of safety features does it have?
OK, OK ... The technology is truly facinating. I'll give Google that much. And there will be some amazing and beneficial applications such as helping the disabled and elderly get around town safely -- not to mention the productivity gains when you can get some work done while in traffic or during a long trip. BUT for many like myself such vehicles (which, by the way, are not "cars" or even "automobiles") "there is no substitute" for the sweet growl of a mighty turbo-charged engine, feeling the road through the steering wheel as you accelerate hard through each curve on a winding back road, or hearing the whine of the engine hitting the red line with each shift from one gear to the next. Hopefully, the "ultimate DRIVING machines" will still be available in the showroom for at least as long as I'm still around. Whoever is left after that will likely never experience the unique love affair that many men (and women) often have with REAL cars. Just sayin'
+Mel Cooper heh, and i can not wait for the day those things to vanish from our streets for real
I wantz!!!!
As a practical person I need a car for going from point A to point B, I am a fit guy so that I do not need a penis substitute to make up for a fat butt. And believe me, you aren't going to fuck more with a bigger car as chicks nowadays aren't impressed.

So that I like to spend my time doing PHYSICAL stuff like trail running or hitting the gym instead of trying to think that I am a super-macho just because I sit in a car stuck in a traffic jam. :)

Sorry "Real Drivers", turning a wheel is no demonstration of physical provess, jsut a cheap substitute for hte lazy couch potatoe, dus Google Car FTW!
Shame they (the law) made the steering wheel mandatory. As if you are driving a car? Perhaps we should call it an "auto" instead of a "car"?
Very dangerous if you know how software engineers design software today. They are not taught proper programming and are making fatal software mistakes. I have seen this for the last 10 years and it is getting worse each year. if the following problems were addressed and fixed you would have far less problems with computers, smart phones, modern cars etc.

1) If, Then structures with no Else.
2) Case structures with no Case 0.
3) Realtime control that does not properly check the present state of state variables before changing the Control State. I have seen multiple cases where they used timers!
4) Not checking the validity of Data before using the Data for critical calculations.
Google, how do we get involved. LKT Consulting, over here in Australia, have been looking at unmanned vehicles for a while and have a lot to offer about the Aussie views on this. We are also perusing legislation amendments that would be necessary.
jo han
So what does it do when a user slams on the break but there is semi-truck in the rear? It should floor it, but would it do that automatically?
+jo han It would probably have enough safety distance (which it actually keeps as opposed to humans) to either (at low speeds) stop reasonably gracefully so the semi truck has time to slow down, or it would, at higher speeds, try dodging the car in front and move out of the lane it is in. I assume. 
My daughter's wish of not having to ever drive is going to come true - whoohoo! 
Imagine the freedom of mobility this can provide to the blind, disabled, and others unable to drive. 
ya very prety cool project of google .i have  been waiting for this car 
fantastic googleeee!!!!!!!
This Combined with UBER will put a lot of people out of business, technology is great, but making humans obsolete is NOT. what is the plan to put people to work while enriching the lives of a few? 
jo han
+Omar Hassan
Humans shouldn't work. Everything called work is by definition not designed for humans to do. Its boring, repetitive and dangerous. Uber and self driving cars will not just put people out of work. It will make the world a safer place and will make transport become very cheaply on demand available for everyone. This will enable people to start their own businesses and do more efficient whatever else they do. Yes I agree that if there is a hugely lob-sided benefit for just a few who get insanely rich then someone else should start some competition and market it more social that he's not getting insanely rich. All "work" will be automated eventually in the future. Humans need to design another political, economical and social system. In this system exploitation and power should not exist. Humans are not capable of handling wealth or power, they become corrupt an will exploit. Humans should learn, travel, get experienced in loads of things and design new stuff and solve problems and automate the solutions. Our only work should be caring for others and teaching the next generation. We should invent the next generation of explorers that will explore the universe.
Go Google Go! I'm really happy with the speed of this project and the deft handling of the organizational/legislative/lobbying efforts behind it that are far-reaching and sophisticated, but get little acknowledgement. 
Now just combine this with that legitimate hover technology, build a planned community where only the self driving cars are allowed, and you'll have built the city of tomorrow today.
Awesome - but Google, have you tested with people who get motion-sickness? I'm far more susceptible to it if I'm a passenger rather than the driver in a car, and so I suspect I'll have the same problem in this little marshmallow.
jo han
+Joseph Mendiola In that case you take that electrical golf-cart I'll take the self driving Tesla Model 3 also due for 2017 :). And I'm gonna doubt that google would want that car to be privately owned, I think you just pay a monthly fee and there will always be one available to you on demand but it won't be yours, it will be like an automated taxi.
LOL +jo han​​ either way I'm getting me an autonomous something! XD
That Tesla Model 3 does sound tempting, though. I do love its giant console of the current model.

Not so much a fan of Musk's demonizing of the concept of AI, though.
my daughter has a blinding eye disease and can never drive this makes me so excited for her!! amazing job google!!
Everything is fine, but you are neglecting giving a soul to the car. A Siri, a personal assistant with soul. If you prefer, a KITT from Knight Industries. Google need urgently artificial intelligence and more computing power. If I had the opportunity to take a coffe with the CEOs I would convince the creative side of Google (Sergey Brin) to invest in more computing power. That is creating a desktop quantum computer. Also, more artificial intelligence power, exploring neural networks and artificial intelligence, to emulate the human brain inside a machine. The challenge is, a system, be able to learn by itself, little by little, and grow. I mean about a computer that is able to learn how to speak and how to read by itself, and grow exponentially in its skills. And then, I woul convince the business side of Google (Larry Page) about how much money you could do with this, having this technology inside cars and robots. Sadly, I don't think I be able to share a coffee with them, never in my life.
Everything is a wavelenght until you observe it and collapse the wave function creating the reality. So yes, I guess we are in the same reality, hence the same wavelenght ;)
Nice - like Guido from Cars
If you want to see how our senior citizens accept the Google Self-Driving Car Project, please consider my parents whom just lost their ability to drive at ages 90 and 94.  Also, do you need any help?  I have TONS of auto industry experience.
Thanks God for the Brains of Tecbnology.
Just fly it too. It will be a big hit and will change the transportation industry forever
+Nicholas Nakadate Well, we must wait till Uber figures that this car can be the perfect taxi.   No major safety issues with criminal drivers.   But wait, what if criminal hackers get control......
very nice.... I like to ask howmuch the price..?
very nice.... I like to ask howmuch the price..?
Can't wait to integrate it with my Google now cards. 
Tre H
This thing is ugly. Please get Hyundai to design the finished product. 
I heard they are calling on major car manufacturers to partner with them on cars for the public.
Google is just giving you the functioning idea, but not just design as shown in image. They are showing you a practical proof of concept which works. The vehicle design would come next. Just be patience and see what it next phase will show. At least they are making something unlike any big brand car company only make concept car which won' t be made in this year or next. Whilst google is action louder than anything you have known of. 
How about bolting this technology onto existing vehicles? I just got a new car, and don't want to buy another auto in a year or two.
cannot wait, so good for those of us who have panic attacks in traffic (a growing population I might add) and also those of us with orthopedic disabilities. Haven't been able to travel more than 30 miles from home in 5 years. Not whining, just looking forward to greater access to our world. 
What is so awesome about this ugly beast? I have never seen such an ugly vehicle than this before!
Cars should be beautiful, this is almost the worse it could get. :/
This 'thing' looks like something for my grand mother in law - but not for me!
how much it cost to google to build this prototype ?
Beautiful !! I hope you will make my dreams come true and bring it to Europe soon !
I am the person that loves cars, so I am super excited that somebody made a self driving car
The knowledge of Google micro fiber cookie car. I applause googlelicious for such of great prototype design, remember people, is a project self drive mini car, time by time, the new discovery by Google, will reach the high pick of tomorrow. Thank you. 
A car that has no steering wheel or accelerator or even brake pedals. In fact, Google has been building self-driving cars for years.
+Enrique Velez 360 vision is not enough, for that every other vehicle in the street sud be Google car, that is gonna take serious amount of time, I'm talking about human vs machine in first phase of bringing Google car in the streets.
Excelente!!!!!! YA quiero verlos en Argentina!!!,pero no le vendrían mal algunos otros colores 
+Abdul Razzak "For years" implies for "many years". 3 years isn't that many. Most major car companies spend 5-10 years in development of a new model alone, let alone a new technology on the whole.
+Hoezo Wie The point of it is to look innocuous so as to avoid people seeing it as a fearmongering, sentient death machine, much like the original cars from Henry Ford were viewed the same. Over time, they can be made to look, and even more, more aggressive and meaner, but as people develop an affinity with these machines, their appearance should be more meek than freak.
Una sugerencia:
Deben hacer los sistemas del coche, tomando como referencia los sistemas de seguridad aque trabajan los bancos.
Sería muy efectivo para reforzar la seguridad también, que incluyan un botón manual dentro del coche; para que cuando el ocupante detecte una anomalía, lo pulse. Y que ese botón, sea capaz de anular todos los sistemas del coche, llevándolo a la orilla de la carretera y aparcándolo inmediatamente.
The design is absolutely hideous, but like The Oatmeal said, I want this technology to succeed... like... yesterday.  The INSTANT a fully-autonomous self-driving car is available on the open market, I will buy one so fast there will be a sonic boom!  Possibly Cherenkov radiation.
+Garrett Fox But also as The Oatmeal says, it's meant to be unthreatening and innocuous because the idea of a machine which is responsible for transporting us unaided at beyond the fastest man alive's running speed is a terrifying concept until you marshmallow it down to this design.
At a Google event last year, a blind gentleman gave a review of the self-driving car. It liberated him from depending on others for transportation. Is the self-driving car team considering the needs of other differently abled individuals?
+Kevin Thomas Arguably, blind people are the most able of people with disabilities, yet similarly the most displaced, so the need to alleviate their displacement is probably of a more paramount pursuit than that of, say, a person with muscular dystrophy, whose abilities while in early stages might limit their capacity to control a vehicle, but over time as they deteriorate further, their needs increase to wheelchairs and the like.

Although that does strike up another thought: self-driving ambulances would be a great thing, so you could devote the entire cabin to medical assistance.
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