XIM3 Controller Adapter for Xbox 360

XIM3 Controller Adapter for Xbox 360
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For PC gamers, it can be challenging to try and play video games on popular gaming consoles like the Xbox 360. One of the reasons may be the vast difference in the game controllers in terms of the configurations used. While PC gamers are accustomed to using the PC mouse and keyboard, gaming consoles usually have their own game controllers with a different control configuration. It is a good thing that there is a device like the XIM3 Controller Adapter that may help provide a solution.

The XIM3 Controller Adapter is a device used for the Xbox 360 that allows gamers to configure other gaming controllers such as a PC keyboard and mouse for use in the popular video game console. Not only that, the XIM3 can also be used to configure other specialized USB gaming controllers for use on Xbox such as the Logitech G13. Different controller profiles can also be assigned for different video games, giving players the choice of what input devices to use when playing games on Xbox. The XIM3 will make PC gamers more able to appreciate playing Xbox games more this time. Unfortunately, the XIM3 is currently not yet available in the market. But you can still check it out on their site to see its potential.

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  1. Rasta
    December 28, 00:09 #1 Rasta

    This will most likely be a excellent device compared to earlier attempts. Xim2 is still probably the best keyboard and mice for pc available due the use of a PC. But it looks like xim3 don’t even need a pc and hell a display on it to? It will most certainty look very nice on my desk.

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